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About Us For Miss Pari

Born and brought up in Chawl in Mumbai, to a bus conductor and home maker, I always aspire to live like a princess from childhood. I wanted to buy expensive gifts, gadgets and a great car for me and my family so that my parents can feel proud on me.

When I grew up, my parents got me admitted to reputed delhi Engineering College. Initial days were tough since all my batch mates have branded clothes, expensive phones and lot of disposable income in hand, while my parents couldn’t afford more than grocery bills, I was a bit disappointed due to this, but accepted my fate.

There was one thing I discovered about myself and that is I really enjoyed company of boys, from childhood I prefer to play with boys than girls and participated actively with them in all kind of sports like cricket, racing Gilli Danda etc. That goes into college too, I become quickly famous among boys and become their coolest friend, Goa Escorts I regularly go to long drive on their bike after classes.

During such a normal trip, I went to bar where I see a young girl singing and dancing erotically and getting hefty payment from customers. I contacted dancer after show and came to know that she study in medical college and work as independent escort in delhi to support herself. She suggested me to join this profession too, initially I was a bit doubtful about safety, but she convinced me that it is safe for girls to join this profession, you get decent payout and there are lots of girls from reputed homes who have joined this profession.

From that day begins my journey as female escort in delhi, I thought escort profession is more about physical intimacy between man and woman, but got it completely wrong, it is more about providing emotional support to men rather than making love in bed.

So, many men feel dejected and rejected nowadays that they really want a company of beautiful girl who show affection, little bit of care and make tender love in bed to heal their emotional wounds. In today’s cut throat competitive world, men are highly stressed to achieve , show their success to world that their loved ones are not aware that they are getting depressed, having suicidal thoughts and want escapism from this selfish world.

As an escort in delhi, I try to bring smile on their faces by hanging out in cool places such as multiplexes, malls, famous tourist spots even going out on a weekend vacation with them and in night motivating them to kiss me from top to bottom to release all mental tension from their body.

Situation of Indian men is so bed that they start crying while making love since no one has shown so much affection to them, I try to wipe out their tears through sweet kisses and feel glad when they sleep like baby in my long arms.

I think that I am doing a great Karma by providing love and happiness to depressed person who have lost all hope in their life, through my eyes they see a lovely world where there is no room for success, greed, and competition etc, there is only one thing i.e love, love and only love.

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